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ECE 2020: Fundamentals of Digital Design

Welcome to ECE 2020: Fundamentals of Digital Design!

ECE 2020 introduces the many levels of abstraction that enable today's digital computing systems. It explores design at the layers of a computing platform from switches and wire to a programmable machine. At each layer, the design process of transforming a specification into an implementation is introduced and practiced. Design tools are used to build, evaluate, and compare implementation approaches.

This web site provides resources that will help you get the most out of the class.

The material on this web site is organized by modules that contain a group of related topics covered in the class. So when you are looking for study problems related to Switch Design, you can access all of these problems in one place. A list of modules can be accessed on any page by clicking on selector. The selector page can also link you to material related to each module.

The navigation bar on the left help you locate interesting things in the site. It tells you where you are and can take you where you want to go. The and buttons move you between levels of the site. Your on the top level now (main). The next level is down is the site material, followed by the module level. The and buttons move you between site material (e.g., between and ) or between modules when accessing one part of the site (between Switch Design and Gate Design problems). The material and module names at the top of the navigator pane tell you where you are in the site.